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Dive into the life of Wild wolf! Hunt for family and find with your mate! Create family! Breed cubs and a lot more in this wolf simulator! Attack brutally and face head to head battles with wild predators. Live also as an arctic wolf life and raise your own wolf family in RPG game with your ultimate wolf. Complete the wolf quest and become the most powerful animal in the wilderness with wolf family simulator. With this wolf simulator with mating become ferocious hunter wild wolf and hunt down other jungle animals for your survival in big jungle. Cubs and mate need an attention so you will need to feed them and hunt for them until they grow up. Live with your mate and cubs in wolf games with pups and mates in wolf games online. 

Start your wolf family. Hunt with your mate because cubs are hungry! Teach them about huge forest and arctic wolf life with wolf games 2017.

Build your Clan of Wolf
For survival in big jungle you need to stay united and build your own clan. Fight with other dangerous animals in wild life like crocodile, bison, elephant, Tiger, Lion etc in wolf simulator game.

Multiple Attacks in RPG action gameplay
In this Wolf games free where u can play as the wolf and has babies and mate. You have various attack powers like pounce attack and bite for kill them up quickly.

Day Night Cycle
You will have real day night cycle with different weather in wild wolf simulator! In wolf sim be careful while hunting at night. Some monsters may become stronger or run faster! Night vision is available for more thrill wolf action.

Hunt down Various Animals
Hunt lots of enemies for hunger and survival including Zebra, Gazelle, wild Buffalo, Hyena and off course with wild leopard and lion with wolf adventure in wolf simulator games to raise a family.

Fight powerful and vicious bosses for survival and hunger. Save your pups from dangerous wilderness of jungle in wolf games 3d and complete the wild quest.

Fend for yourself by fighting with those sharp claws, use sense of smell, and sharp jaws! Sneak and Stalk, use your automated power attacks for instant kills in ultimate adventure. Play now Wolf Family Sim and hunt with mate and clan in RPG wolf game.


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