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Play the latest action simulator about angry wolf came from huge jungle in search of lost mate and cubs. In this Wild Wolf City Rampage 3D! You have to be an ultimate wolf that is ready to take down the city and village with destructive powers. Trample down the whole town and become a cruel hunter, hunt down animals and town people as ferocious hunter in best of animal fighting games 3d. Thrash and run through the city like ruthless wolf. Fight for your freedom furiously while people attempt to break your supremacy. Other wild animals and humans will be your ultimate prey in wolf games. Use those hunting skills by sharpening your teeth and claws for angry wolf survival.

We have very interesting and thrill gameplay for you with multi levels of wolf revenge and battle. First of all start your revenge mission and rescue your cub and mate from villagers. Use your super fantastic hidden attack powers like energy attack and furious fire ball to kill them instantly in Wild Wolf City Rampage! This angry wolf is on the loose and ready for chaos in city, crush buildings into pieces and kill equipped forces of city. Cross bow archery hunters and city police force is ready to kill you in this wild wolf vs city police simulation game.

Use your hunting powers and upgrade your health in animal fighting games free. In this ultimate angry wolf adventure 3d you take control of a beast that pounces and attacks its prey with multiple special attacks. Fight with robot forces that are fight like superhuman robot police machines. Kill all robot police and other robots in wolf revenge mission. This angry jungle creature should not be underestimated! Fighting revenge on humans, creeping insidiously and looking for next prey. This wolf will hunt humans and animals ruthlessly.

Wild Wolf City Rampage Features:

=> Story of wolf city attack & revenge battle in wolf games 3d.
=> Fight with village humans & city people for survival.
=> Rescue your mate & cub from people of village.
=> Use special energy & furious fire attack to kill instantly.
=> Create maximum chaos & destruction around the grand city.
=> Fight with robot army, city police & cross bow archery hunters.
=> Smash buildings into pieces with your ultimate powers.
=> RPG quest based generated environment with target locations to destroy.
=> Survival against army helicopter forces in HD gameplay.

Time to show no mercy! Fight, attack & kill all monsters and make your wolf survival auspicious in this action simulation game. Use your stealth and fire revenge powers and attack cruelly. Download Wild Wolf City Rampage and start revenge battle in huge village and grand city in best of animal fight games 3d with RPG gameplay.


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