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Enjoy the best Virtual school girl American Family Simulation Game who lives near high school. Our virtual school girl is a simulated adventure game with fun of being kid lives near high school, either school girl. Most interesting simulator game mechanics ever. Virtual American family school girl simulator game to find out how cool is it!! Too being a school kid girl. The most interesting child simulation fun game ever to enjoy the school going children activities.

Simulate your childhood

Enjoy ultimate real school girl life & naughty child activities, with family and simulated town. Love to live in family! Enjoy the child fun by doing homework, prepare for quiz, playing football, cleaning room, fights of water balloons with friends, riding bike, bicycle ride to school, planting seeds with grandparents to grow trees and fruits, feeding a pet, preparing quiz & helping colony people! & much more it is not over yet!!!

Our Virtual School Girl of American Family Simulator is story of family love and life.

Play the role of American family girl still studying in school & living near high school. Role play of real American girl to unlock many levels by enjoying interesting American children activities of normal school girl. Our addicting role playing simulation game is extremely addictive school girl simulator. Complete all missions as an American school girl for each challenging school and life simulation level. Ultimate virtual school girl missions are just normal child play of any school boy. Our game is free of boyfriend and girlfriend concept. Enjoy fun of child long gone or in other words childhood is back in virtual world.

Perform as good girl activities with your best 

Enjoy new life of child in virtual simulation. Your friendly school friend of community awaits, near high school. Enjoy cycling fun in Home Streets. Create friends clan in our love story of American family. Being a child is not dream any more… our virtual school girl or American high school girl game of being child once more in simulation fun. 

Virtual School Girl: American Family Simulator features you:

• Extreme HD Quality 3D simulation Graphics
• Awesome Sounds effects like original
• Addicting game play of role playing
• Simulation of American family girls game
• real childhood mission like old man help
•Smooth Controls with responsive animations of school girl
• Super school girl Cool animations, American Home environment
• Real child Life simulation


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