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Transform your fidget spinner into sharp weapon and start battle as spider hero. Your fidget hero can take on enemies with his unique ability of fidget firing or fidget throw, aim from point blank and shoot enemies with this lethal weapon of laser sharp fidget cutters. Battle has been started in city and you are playing as super spider the ultimate hero of the town. In flying spider battle in city! Fight with your iron abilities and use your super fidget round spinner on the enemies. You are super hero by using your fidget spinner in this spider battle. Mutant rider of the fidget spinner taking control on city which is invaded by mafia and gangsters. Fly your fidget hero towards the evils, diffuse evil power and save this city and protect innocent people in Super Spinner Spider Battle.

The battle of city goes on and they need super spider with strange powers and abilities. This spinning fidget spider battle simulator is a fun filled exposure of mafia combat game, fight enemy with super kicks and powerful punches in the finest of spider battle game. Use your spinning fidget as a deadly weapon and throw it to the evils for sharp attack. Download this comprehensive spinner game package which unleashes passion of fighting games.

This fidget spinner fight game is absolute treat for the lovers of flying spider battle in the city. Strange mutant powers with kick and super punch will help you to end your mortal enemies in quick spinner throw. Super flying spider will defend as the alone army in this battle game. Flying spider battle has been started in the city. Become a survival in this war and use your powers on the right time and defeat evils. Spider city fighter has multiple thrill missions to accomplish.

Features Spider Fight in Strange War:

• Exciting gameplay with thrill battle in city missions.
• Fidget shooter game with HD graphics.
• Multiple buildings to fly and huge city to discover and fight.
• Super hero of fidget spinner with sharp attacks & techniques.
• Speed flick fidget to spin and fight.

Guys it’s time to become flying hero with super mutant powers. Use your supernatural powers to the evils and mafia in flying spider battle in city game. Download now Super Spinner Spider Battle and use your spinner as deadly sharp weapon and be a super hero of fidget spinner.


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