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City has been attacked by misfortunes and you are last hope as super spider! Use your super rescue power as hero of the city in spider rescue game. Suit up quickly in your special costume and be ready to save the people of the city with your fantastic rescue powers from natural disaster in this maverick rescue game. Your duty as new super spider legend is to fly around the big city and be vigilant as you are spider hero legend in this final rescue battle. Become an ambulance after every accident or save people if they are unsafely close to falling from edge of a huge sky scraper building in spider rescue games. Perform as alone spider army legend with your futuristic powers as rider and be the saviour of the city. Super spider has supernatural rescue abilities to fly to the emergency situation in this most awaited entry to flying games and super spider game. Spider rope webs are strong enough to carry the injured citizen along with you as hero of the city in SUPER SPIDER CITY RESCUE. Best rescue spider super hero game in category of spider flying games.

Hold the victims tightly in disaster situations and fly towards the nearest hospital and drop the person safely to complete the spider rescue mission. Every spider hero rescue thriller will give you an adrenaline-filled task in every new mission. You have to save people and their children quickly in fast moving city traffic! evacuate people from building which in fire as you are new legend in shape of super spider. Use your rescue powers in spider flying games. This is not about war or battle situations which is pretty old now in spider games. This rescue game has natural calamities with all new missions to play.

***Features of super hero rescue ***

✪ Realistic rescue spider animations with futuristic flying abilities to rescue citizens.
✪ Action packed addition in rescue games with comprehensive gameplay.
✪ Huge city & action filled rescue missions with legend spider.
✪ Fly like a real super hero with plenty of life saving missions with spider rescue.
✪ Large buildings and detailed city map for thrill gameplay.
✪ Use your powerful rope for flying as you are hero of city and spider rider.

Time to play this rescue game and make the city safe for living and reliable place in this stunning flying game. This futuristic super hero rescue spider game offers you hours of thrill gameplay with your spider flying. This SUPER SPIDER CITY RESCUE is new addition in rescue games! Download & enjoy as new spider hero & rider.


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