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In Multi Monster Robot Hero Mafia Crime Battle, there is destruction around, combo superhero monster robot simulator always come for survival and crime city rescue missions. Introducing incredible multi monster with the wild rhino robot fellow together is multi monster super hero vs super villains in crime battle. Play the newest action fighting game with the help of futuristic robot super hero simulation of 2018. This is an amazing monster robot hero simulator battle 2018 you can control the robot bull rhino and carryout tasks to save the city. You can hunt the enemy robots and use you attacking wildcraft like throwing fire, superhero monster robot squeeze and a normal attack. You have remember that you main in this city battle is to stop the robot wars. You have to transform into this giant rhino shaped bull and use your exploration robotic attack to complete your missions.

Smash and crush your robot enemies in futuristic crime battle city. There is no chance of survival in multi monster robot hero aka multi monster rhino robot with action fight simulation scenarios. Start crime war against dark powers and other marvelous robot villains. Ultimate fighting against multi dead robot villains and mafia criminals with the help of city police and army forces. The terrorist mafia is spreading all over the city multi monster hero vs super villain will be a huge action. 

They have created a bank robbery crew which did a major crime robbery with the help of transform robot evils and other robotic machines. Use your royal robots multi monster hero powers in the battleground and make impossible heist. City mafia made it possible by their evil tactics and plans using the robotic gangster power. Stop terror among the civilians as Multi Monster Hero and keep on fighting to survive this cyclone of crime and terror.

Multi Monster Robot Hero Mafia Crime Battle Features:

• User Interactive game with city rescue missions
• Adventurous Missions and various city survival missions.
• High Quality 3D Graphics of multi monster.
• Easy and Smooth controls
• Epic battles with incredible hero fighting game.
• Multiple fighting and exploration missions
• Realistic city war & robotic battleground environment

Stop all bank robbery and chaos plans by robot criminals and break the royal super crime empire as multi monster hero crime warrior. Being a fight champion get the chance of some real action fight on the streets of grand city. Stop the new york city bank robbery from happening, make counter fighting attacks on robot gangster strike action but make sure there should not escape from crime from the cop or city police and end this crime battle. Download Multi Monster Robot Hero Mafia Crime Battle and enjoy best fighting simulation of 2018.


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