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For the very first time in the history of super heroes battles there is going to be an epic battle between strange monster hero and stickman gang warriors. Stickman crime city war has just started play your role as superhero of the mega city in Monster Hero vs Stickman battle game. Stickman heroes are cause of this monster superhero battle in the city with the twist of future war game. Stickman crime is on the rise but strange thing is stickman legend were used to be an epic hero who fight and saved the city against gangster and criminals but now your will face them like an enemy of the shadow gangster in city war situation. Time to forget old rivalry of spider vs the stickman battle in the navy and try this ultimate future battle about the Monster Hero vs Stickman.

Your incredible monster named hunk or somewhere bulk is the real city hero against the stickman battle in the huge city or battlefields. You as a super monster strange hero have to serve the country and you have and play against the dark shadow gangsters. The shadow mafia has invaded the city! Start gangster fight against the stickman ninja criminal warrior. Super monster hero vs stickman 3d offers you nonstop shadow fight contest. Ultimate escape story of shadow gangster vs monster hero. Beat the super stick hero legend in the world of crimes with ultimate stickman secret stealth mission.

This is a battle of heroes and you need to be prove yourself as a true war hero. Use your hidden super powers and destroy your enemies with strange powers. Monster stealth mission will surely amuse you. Don't let stickman run away or escape from the battlefields, take stickman crime revenge kill every stickman gangster. Defeat this shadow mafia and win the gangster fight as an incredible monster superhero. Check out the latest epic story of stickman vs heroes with stickman stealth mission. Legendary stickman will try to run for survival! Do not let them escape.

Features of Shadow vs City Hero:

- A monster crime hero on the mission to save city in future battle.
- Stickman criminal force or shadow mafia to face and fight.
- Stickman vs superhero with realistic ragdoll physics.
- Realistic visuals, vibrant gameplay & sound effects.
- Use your strange powers against the shadow gangster.

Play this super stick hero legend with ultimate future war quests with the help of your monster hero. Download now Monster Hero vs Stickman and show your strange fighting skills to the stickman mafia.


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