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The Galaxy warrior hero decided to take action against the robot and aliens in the fighting battlefield as real super fighter in Vegas crime city. Play super-hot action of monster vs robot games with the twist of monster hero vs robot transform future battle. Become a galaxy warrior hero and forget monster hero vs robot ring wars or robot ring fighting real battle and play this warrior hero vs transform robot wars. This is a real ultimate and dynamic battle fighting games among the robot war transform fight. The incredible galaxy warriors, future war robots, and many other evil monsters are ready to show their revenge battle skills in new combat style. Play as galaxy war hero or the eminent incredible monster superhero or strange spider hero & save the big city from group of criminals, aliens & robot with Galaxy Warrior Heroes vs Robot: Vegas City.

As a warrior of galaxy you have to set free the futuristic vegas city from the furious autobots and vicious mutant terrorists with hero survival. All new concepts with monster vs robots fighting game with your gunster hero. Ninja flying robot transform is later coming action in city of miami crime for the lovers of ninja robot transform wars and robbery with the help of turtle hero. Warrior hero vs transform robot wars you will play as eminent incredible flying monster and super spider hero with the objective to quickly eliminate the robots & mutant terrorists from different part of the futuristic city Vegas. Future robot battle with the galaxy warrior heroes against robot transforming game along with robot battle games is totally based on transform robot wars. If you are a top agent with fantastic battle and fighting skills then reveal your skills in this robot fighting or robot wars simulator game that would be a superlative excitement for you. Get ready to play this escape and future robot survival adventure game.

Features in Galaxy Warrior Heroes vs Robot: Vegas City:

↗ Epic combos for fighting against beasts & fighting machines.
↗ Surprise attack and outstanding killing of enemies in galaxy robot game.
↗ Realistic mutant super hero fight with armor robots street fighting.
↗ Super monster jump, run & flying for fight against enemies with transform robot wars.
↗ Multiple thrilling & fight missions with awesome HD graphics.

Time to utilize your flying kill machine loaded with flying robot car simulator skills and save the innocent people of survival city. In this robot battle game, your monster hero will face deadly enemy robots in different locations of big Vegas city having highly destructive futuristic. Galaxy Warrior Heroes vs Robot: Vegas City and start the future battle with monster hero vs robot.


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