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Dark force and good green alien hero force will fight with each other for the fate and peace of the universe and Mars in Dame Tu Cosita: Green Alien Hero Game. Feel like your favorite amazing alien hero with the mutant green hero survival and city rescue game. Once the Mars planet seized the villains and gangster enemies, everything was destroyed and captured! It can be stopped only by green alien hero! You must once and for all put an end to this. You have to show your amazing super fighting frog hero or green alien superhero adventure. Play fighting game on other planet drive vehicle on mars. 

As an amazing super hero frog or green alien hero it’s your responsibility to save people of New York and keep the city safe. Mafia gang and other robot villains are active, crime rate is high and people of survival city are in danger from these evil powers. Dame Tu Cosita hero has fun dance and dame tu cosita hero dancing at the end of the each level. Become a green alien hero from Mars who has incredible fighting and survival powers with dance or the dancing fun for kids. In green alien Mars hero survival you have fight bravely like a real green alien hero showing extreme fighting stunts and kill evil gangster, steel robots in super amazing fighting of frog shaped alien hero.

In this game you are green alien superhero or dame tu cosita hero who is secretly working for intelligence agency to protect the amazing city. An intelligence agency reported a big master plan of the entire gangster in the city to the frog shaped green alien hero. They are planning to destroy different areas of city and making chaos creating plans around the NY city. Show your fighting and rescue skills and fight for peace as amazing green hero alien.

Dame Tu Cosita: Green Alien Hero Game Features:

• The green alien hero can walk, jump and dive to attack on villains & gangsters.
• Dame tu Cosita super hero has surprise attack & perfect killing of enemy robots.
• Green alien hero will dance at the end of each level of Mars hero survival.
• Stunning gameplay with amazing variety of frog super hero levels.
• Highly futuristic mutant green alien hero for fighting games lovers.
• Enjoy fight missions on mars with other aliens & drive space vehicles.

Let's start this dame to cosita hero Mars battle challenge and enjoy the endless combos, deadly fighting and hand to hand combat in this green alien superhero rpg fighting game. Deal with all the revenge and melee attacks. Download and enjoy the unlimited fighting action with green alien Mars hero survival in this Dame Tu Cosita: Green Alien Hero Game.


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