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Raise your family, fight with jungle predators for hunger and survival in this crocodile family simulator game. Be a wild crocodile and survive in the wilderness as long as you can in this wild crocodile simulator game. You need to be an angry crocodile with this alligator family sim and alligator survival game. Crocodile attack and fight with other water and jungle animals like bear, the wild lion or angry tiger, rhino, hippo, elephant, snake, anaconda and many more in the forest. Be a part of epic animal battle simulator in big jungle survival with wild animals simulator. Alligator survival hunting against wildlife in this simulator of crocodile survival. Play this Crocodile Family Sim and feel the realistic crocodile attack in the open world savanna forest with crocodile games 2017.

Gameplay of Crocodile Family Simulator:

In crocodile family survival embark on dangerous rampages tearing apart everything that might harm your mate or eggs. In wildlife simulator games! be the deadly crocodile of the lakes and seas with crocodile beach hunt simulator. Take control of wild predators reptile swamp monster which hunt all animals on beach attack in the wildlife simulator. In family mode enjoy the life of crocodile, play as a swamp crocodile and complete your family and bread your baby alligators! Hunt to feed them and enjoy realistic crocodile eating, see crocodile eggs hatch the eggs of crocodile. Hunt and find in shape of clan! Fight as a crocodiles clan and survive with jungle animals and increase your wild crocodile family with angry crocodile survival sim and crocodile games.

Features in Beach Hunt of Crocodile Simulator:

✓ Raise your family, hunt & survive in the wilderness of jungle & sea beach.
✓ Explore big 3D open world forest & beach with crocodile water game.
✓ Realistic alligator behavior & 3D crocodile animations.
✓ Real savanna, water environments & action packed gameplay.
✓ Lots of animals to fight like cheetah, lioness, cougar & many more wild animals.
✓ Be the most powerful crocodile & save your mate, children.

Hungry crocodile is ready to hunt and survive in the vast savanna jungle and water. Time to Swim in deep water and Crawl over the thick swamp! Hunt and Attack in crocodile games 2017. Download now Crocodile Family Sim and start hunt like a real hungry crocodile.


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